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Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Card Exchange via blogs

Hi, online students and Joe Laur,

Time is fleeting. Swiftly, Christmas Day is approaching!

I would like to give you all Christmas Carols.

You can see a teacher's blog via "A Question for Everyday."

Wish you have a good festival!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Can Film Bring the World Together?
Films Influence on Pangea Day

In this age,
Images are powerful.
Powerful enough to divide/ to spread fear/ to remove hope.
Powerful enough to unite/ to build trust, to inspire action.
Until now images of the many
have been held in the hands of few.

Finally, that is changing.
Millions of people around the world
are telling their own stories.
For the first time in history,
We have a chance to see the world differently,
to see it through the eyes of the others.
Image if we could get inside.
each other's heads for a day,
What would we see?
We are about to find out,
A worldwide search has begun/ to find film of unique power.
Films that provoke/ entertain/ inspire.
Films made by the world/ For the world.
On May10, 2008

Millions of people across the globe
We gather to witness these films
in a spectacular event/ broadcast live to the entire world.
Visionaries and musicians will join the celebration.
And it will continue afterward in cyber space,
as a newly connected global community.
You Could Be Part Of It.
We want to know your story,
Make a Film; Get involved.
Please write down your idea through the images of the film?
How do we change the world to reach the world peace from the global village?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's saying "Early birds can have worms." It's amazing time to listen sound of music from chirpping birds at the crack of dawn and from dawn until dusk. Welcome to Join "A Feathered Friend Club" on Studio Classroom. A Wild Animal Reserve in USA Birding in Taiwan Special English (Learn American English and Much More--Read Listen Learn) Learning English online
A Wise Old Owl

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome to colorful Writingmatrix for learning English through technology.
Technorati Profile/ Leave your point-of-view
Free English Quiz on ESL-Pro
Lesson Schedule on MoodleforEnglish
online EFL listening

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Skype to meet you in the global village

Dear classmates,
Hope you to tell your classmates. We will use Skype to talk with the students and teachers from the global village. Thanks!
Topic: Thought for Computer-assisted Language Learning
Wish you can develop your opinions and suggestions in it.

Best wishes,
Delin 喬

Dear Delin,

We have a Chinese professor for 200-level students, Zheng Zhang, who would be interested in a Skype project. This semester we carried out a successful Skype project between our Japanese students and native speakers studying English at Tsuda College in Japan. We will add a Skype project between our Spanish students and native speakers in Baja, Mexico. Our foreign language labs are set up to facilitate these projects and we are currently constructing a Moodle site to streamline the process even more.

Our Spring term starts on January 16. Let me know if we could set something up.


Trevor Shanklin, Ph.D.
LARC Language Lab Director
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-8305

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Language Learning (http://iallt.org/), and The Consortium for Language
Teaching and Learning (http://www.languageconsortium.org/).
Join IALLT at http://iallt.org.
Otmar K. Foelsche, LLTI-Editor (otmar@dartmouth.edu)
Topic: Thought for movies from English Trailers (approximate 250 words)
I. Introduction
a. Which website for supporting the material?
b. You can describe the website such as movies and homework
c. The website can support your learning from student menu of the free data base.
d. How many movies did you watch trailers?
II. Body: Describe the detail in watching these trailers by your points-of-view.
III. Conclusion
a. What did these trailers influence you from the website?
b. Please write down your opinions about using it whether to enhance your English ability?
c. Your suggestion about English lesson to use computer-assisted language learning.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Cross-cultural Exchange with Hiroshima University

Welcome to visit The Beauty of Taiwan.

You can introduce it to your partner in English learning. We can discuss it in the collaborative community. Let foreign friends understand more!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Forest Shower at Sunlinksea
This is a wonderful place in Taiwan Beauty!
Welcome to visit it and share your feedback on it.

Final Examination (Sophomore)
Reading Part:
1. Nov. 27-28 A Journey to America’s Past (in the class)
2. Oct. 9-11 Say it with music (in the class)

Listening Part: ALC PT 11 & 12 R

Writing Part:
3. English trailers 影片觀感 (每人最少三部 含CLOZE and Quiz測驗) 佔30分
4. 心得寫作 50 分
5. Peer-reviewing (including comments by 2人) 20分
Speaking Part:
Grouping Performance

心得寫作 50 分 Contents including these details
A. Name of the trailers
Reviewed by _大名___
@@ Plot synopsis: (Summarize what happens in one-two paragraphs, but try not to give away the ending)

@@ What was the best actor/ actress and scene?

@@ Did you enjoy this movie? Why or why not?

@@ What did it influence you from the trailer?